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  • Трапеция/Принцесса V-образный Длина до пола шифон Вечерние Платье с развальцовка Разрез спереди

    RUB 8 001

  • Трапеция/Принцесса возлюбленная Длина до пола шифон Вечерние Платье с Разрез спереди

    RUB 8 547

  • Раструб/Платье-русалка Круглый Длина до пола Jersey Вечерние Платье с Бисер

    RUB 8 255

  • Платье-чехол Круглый Длина до пола стретч-креп Вечерние Платье с Разрез спереди

    RUB 10 088

  • Трапеция/Принцесса Круглый Длина до пола шифон Вечерние Платье с развальцовка блестки

    RUB 12 663

  • Трапеция/Принцесса V-образный Длина до пола шифон Вечерние Платье с Рябь

    RUB 8 985

Платье-чехол Одно плечо Длина до пола стретч-креп Вечерние Платье #137379

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Made to order
Made to order
Срок пошива: 20-22 дней + Время доставки: 2-6 Дней * Ориентировочная Доставка: 2-6 Дней
* Стандартная Доставка: 3-8 Дней
* Ориентировочная Доставка: 2-6 Дней
* Стандартная Доставка: 3-8 Дней
* Надёжная Доставка: 10-30 Дней

Это платье шьется на заказ. Независимо от того, шьется платье по Вашим меркам, или Вы заказываете стандартный размер, наши портные изготовят каждое платье на заказ.

Это платье шьется на заказ. Независимо от того, шьется платье по Вашим меркам, или Вы заказываете стандартный размер, наши портные изготовят каждое платье на заказ.

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Код Товара #137379 Фасон Платье-чехол
вырез Одно плечо Длина Длина до пола
ткань стретч-креп Без Бретелей Обычные
С Рукавами Без Рукавов Застёжка Боковая Застёжка-Молния
Полностью Подкладка да Вшитый бюстгальтер да
Ребра жесткости нет Цвет на фотографии Слоноваякость
Размер Общее, Плюс Сезон Весна, лето, осень
Информация о модели Длина:5.7ft Обхват груди:31.9in Талия:22.8in Бёдра:33.1in моделью платье Размер US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32
Платье не включает в себя любые аксессуары, представленные на картинке, (Например, накидки, перчатки, вуали, сумочки и т.д.) Вы можете связаться с нами для того, чтобы заказать все аксессуары отдельно.
Наиболее Часто Покупаемые Товары

Наиболее Часто Покупаемые Товары


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Отзывы о Товаре

4.9 (на основе Всего отзывов: 22)
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Bought this dress customized in silver intending to wear on the reception after our 25th wedding anniversary. Got the swatches first just to make sure I can see the material which came in 2 days. When I got the dress, I was so happy! It was more beautiful than I imagined, the material used in the lining is great, not itchy as I was afraid it would be; and the garment hangs on the body welll. it was sewn professionally and packaged well. I was encouraged by this positive experience buying for the first time online that I decided to get also my dress for our renewal of vows online. The other dress from another site was a big waste of money and disappointment, every bad experience I’ve read from buying dresses online happened,worst part I was out of time. Looking desperately for replacement was a nightmare! My friend saw this dress for the first time and said it’s perfect for the anniversary! So I have the dress all along for the ceremony! Decided to jazz it up a little bit with a crystal belt that I can easily take off so I can re-wear this elegant dress on other occasion. And boy, it was amazing! My friends wanted to know where I got the dress, and I happily shared with them. This is the only site I will trust to buy my future formal attires. The moment I got it, from the careful packaging, from the way it was sewn with no snags or excess threads hanging, the beautiful way it drapes and hangs on the body, all the criteria I have for buying a dress are met, plus more: the price can’t be beat.


Beautiful dress fits just right size2 thank you so much had so many compliments....


This is a beautiful dress this is a size2 had so many people compliment me some said I looked like a goddess it was such a amazing day... Thank you jjshouse


Will shop here again my daughter worked at the 71St international in canns France and I bought her this dress for the red carpet she had so many compliments they said she looked like a goddess thank you so much m.jjshouse... .hete are a couple of photos...


The best dress!!!


This dress is a winner! I’ve never had a reaction by so many as I have in this dress. I bought it in red (size 4). As already stated, if your abs aren’t tight, this dress will do you no favors!
This was my 5th purchase from
JJHouse. For the price and quality...they can’t be beat. Renting (for the price) isn’t even this good!


This dress is sooooooo beautiful. My first time wearing it was for a gala. I got so many compliments. A lot of people said to me " my wedding dress is also going to look hot " ( which I'll be buying at Jjshouse )!

And my second time was for my engagement pictures.

Pros: feel like a super hero

It is true to size



Cons: if you have a belly it will show haha


You can't wear it with any types of underwear.


I fell in love with this dress. Wanted it in a different color though, but overall this dress was a true hit. The measurements was correct. I will definitely order from JJ house again. Thank you for helping me look beautiful.

ho comprato questo abito x il mio matrimonio mi hanno fatto un sacco di complimenti i li faccio ajj s house x l ottimo servizio

Mu honest review: Pros and cons

It's really a nice dress. I asked for a customized dress, and they made the personalization arrangements starting from a ready-made dress of the closest size to the measurements provided by me (the faint marks of the old seams can be seen on the reverse of the fabric).

The outer fabric is of good quality, thick enough, soft and it fits really very well. The fabrics of the two inner linings are thinner.

A little less careful is the way in which the bra structure has been sewn (in my case it's a little big), although it can be solved by removing it and using a strapless bra, or simply by repositioning it with a needle and a thread (it is fixed to one of the linings with just two stitches).

The absolutely improvable part is the cutting of the fabric. Fortunately, it can not be seen on the outside, because I am talking about the part of the remains hidden inside the dress, at the seams. I understand that they work against the clock, and obviously for the price of the dress we can not expect them to handcraft each piece with meticulousness, but if I have to publish an honest review, I must say that the fabric has been cut with imprecise snips, with little care. In the part of the seams, where in some points the outer fabric and the two linings meet, there is an excess of fabric that makes a bulge. It would have been as simple as taking the scissors and spending 20 minutes (that was the time it took me to do it at home) to cut the excess fabric in line as straight as possible, eliminating surplus and removing all the small "tatters" of the cut . In this way the finishing is much more presentable, it can be ironed perfectly to avoid bulges and the fitting of the dress on the body improves significantly.

Anyway, although the finishes are not exactly Haute Couture (neither is price), all these small arrangements and corrections can be done perfectly at home, even if you're not a tailor.

The dress arrives in a few weeks (and the staff of the customer service, which I contacted to make sure of the reception date, is willing and friendly), and it is an elegant and beautiful dress, not cheap-jack at all, so the purchase has been worth it, sincerely. I recommend it without any doubt!

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